Naiomi's 666

Naiomi's 666 is a cementitious based product with several highly reactive pozzolans and a ultra high strength performance fibre that When replacing specified percentage of cement in a mix design, increases compression and flexural strengths, chemical resistance, decreases permeability, increases durability and cuts Overall cost.

666 can be added to all types of mix designs from low strength block, precast elements, high-rise slip form, ready-mix to bridge sections. 666 is an ultra-high strength replacement blend of specially formulated pozzolans, organic compounds and high performance fibres.

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Naiomi’s 666- Super Hybrid Plaster

Net Quantity: 40Kg

All Around protection Against Seepage, Corrision, Salt & Chemical Attack


To see humanity benefit from a technology that will move concrete construction closer to that of the ancients and defy the ravages of time


  • Cures without settlement, segregation, shrinkage, or formation of voids
  • Reduced permeability
  • Improved Aesthetics, Color and Appearance
  • Can be pumped, trowel or poured
  • Prepackaged
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Naiomi’s 999

Net Wt: 20Kg

The concreate industry has always been looking for a cost effective, enhanced strength and durable product. 999 is a game changer initial testing has proved that the benefit for exceed the standard and customer expectations.

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Naiomi's 999

Is designed to migrate and reactivate dormant areas within the original concrete substrate, creating a chemical physical interaction that results in a Dond equal to or greater than the integrity of the original concrete. the very high strength finish and enacious bonding of 999 makes it deal for rehabilitating concrete and repairing of spalling, cracks, scaling and prevention of water seepage.the formulation has also been successful in minimizingtheeffects of salt water environments.

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